Trumpet Publishing

A new way of publishing

Welcome to the world of instant publishing, where what you can publish articles, quotes, one page encouragements, testimonials, prophecies and general words about whatever topic will be helpful to others, including recipes and advice. We publish all of these as well as books too.

It’s time to let your voices be heard without the fear of being shut out and shut down. Only now, you can share and make money with your own submissions in whatever form they come in. All you need is an ISDPN number.

What is and ISDPN number?

It stands for International Standard Digital Print number. Much like an ISBN for books, the ISDPN number that identifies you as it’s rightful owner. We also attach a registered UPC or EAN number that attaches the submission you as the rightful creator. Both numbers give you the right to license your content to whomever you wish.

Each submission is scanned for plagiarism risk and time stamped with your date of submission. You will also have access to your own personal bookstore, where you can sell or share your submissions.

By Trumpet Publishing

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