Credential Certification and Verification

Verification and Certification consists of a Registered ISDPN number through Trumpet Publishing, your own unique global trade code that is attached per each submission that directly identifies your submission and you as the original author. Similar to an ISBN which pertains strictly to books, an ISDPN number stands for INTERNATIONAL STANDARD DIGITAL & PRINT NUMBER and is attached to smaller writing content on any level. It is used strictly for social and online postings.

Once we have scanned your submission as original content, it is time stamped as a “first in use” material.You will also receive a unique certificate with your own personal license number that identifies you and your status. You will also receive a certificate you can share that holds the same license on both your badge and your certificate stating that Trumpet Publishing has issued you your authorship and verification credentials. This gives you credibility on the worldwide stage. Badge is clickable to readers who wish to see your credentials.

Click On Badges To Verify